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COVID, Pregnancy, and Finding Peace in the Unknown

When COVID first hit and the world flipped upside down, I began having the same kind of anxiety I experienced when I was about six months pregnant.

Common daily occurrences suddenly posed major danger: If I trip and fall, will I hurt the baby? If someone bumps into me, will it cause unimaginable damage? Could a simple cold threaten the baby’s safety? If I eat the wrong kind of fish, will I poison the baby?


That same buzzing anxiety-- like static on my skin, waiting to be activated-- was all around me. The context was new, but the frenzied worrying was exactly the same.

What if someone sneezes near me in the grocery store? What if I touch my face without washing my hands? Is it safe to bring the Amazon packages in the house? Will my business get through this?

While these are certainly two very different situations, the cure is the same:


And befor eyou roll your eyes, sure that I'm oversimplifying a very real, very complicated issue, know that I get it.

We must be cautious, yes.

We must be wise, absolutely.

But we must then settle into stillness.

Steady. Reassured.

Assured in knowing that it will be okay. No matter the outcome, it will be okay.

I know this is an unpopular idea when we are so hungry for SPECIFIC , time-stamped reassurances, but here it is: Whether you get sick or stay healthy, lose the business or double your revenue— IT’S GOING TO BE OKAY.

And whether that happy ending manifests here on Earth or on the other side, it’s all going to be okay.

And knowing that— resting in the promises He’s made to have victory in the end— gives us the peace we all so desperately need.

So while yes, you should keep your eyes on the news, you should also keep your eyes on the cross.

Because He’s already written the ending to our unknown.

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