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"Wanna come over?"

A funny (and sometimes inspiring) newsletter with friendship tips and jaw-dropping stories that you won't find anywhere else.

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I’m launching a personal newsletter titled "Wanna come over?", and in it,

I’m laying it aaaaaall out there-- it's my usual friendship content but with a bit of a...

 personal touch.🎉

Typically, I try to separate my personal life from my Friend Forward coaching persona,

but I’ve learned that so much of what I do professionally is personal.

This newsletter will have stuff you won’t find on my TikTok or Instagram.

Because it’s more personal.
And Lord knows we all need a little more of that.

The newsletter is titled "Wanna come over?" -- a question that’s been sexualized and

reserved for romantic intentions.

But for me, it’s the question you ask of close friends-- the ones who don’t require you to get dressed up or put fancy snacks out on display. The ones who you can lounge and laugh with.

"Wanna come over?" is a question reserved for them.
And now I’m posing that question to you.

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Thanks for joining. See you soon!

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