I'm a certified friendship coach.

Yep-- it's a thing.


As a certified women's coach, I focus primarily on friendship and communication. I conduct my own surveys, create research-based strategies, and teach women how to have better relationships with each other.


Out of my love for all things female friendship, I founded Friend Forward (formerly Give it a Rest) a digital community that provides coaching, research articles, and connection events for women looking to create and maintain true friendships.

It's more than feel-good content; it's legitimately changing women's lives. 



Member of the American Sociological Association

Certified women's coach

Licensed educator (State of Florida certification)

Founder, Friend Forward

Author of the book Give it a Rest: The Case for Tough-Love Friendship

Recent Features

I am the founder of TELL Public Relations, a female-powered agency helping women entrepreneurs increase their visibility and enhance their reputations.

We are a diverse group of strategists using an integrated approach to communications by harnessing the power of media placements, speaking engagements, community outreach, and social media to help our clients get more attention for their brands. I also use my experience as a high school teacher to create trainings and (sold-out!) workshops that equip female entrepreneurs to secure their own publicity.

Our placements have included:

Psychology Today

The TODAY Show (digital edition)

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Reader's Digest

InSTYLE Magazine

All local Tampa Bay news stations

And many more...


After studying education at the University of Florida, I spent the first seven years of my career in the classroom and as an academic department chair in the country's eighth-largest school district.


I now use my skills as an educator to:

  • Teach research-based strategies on social connection

  • Train and consult with business owners and corporate leaders tactical and theoretical workshops on securing publicity for their businesses

  • Coach women through difficult life transitions as a certified women's coach


Licensed educator (State of Florida certification)

High school English Department Chair (2 years)

High school English teacher (6 years)

Private academy curriculum specialist (1.5 years)

Contact:              813-530-5636             @daniellebayardjackson